Boost Your Mood and Mind: The Top 5 St John’s Wort Reviews


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It is important to know the advantages of utilizing St John’s Wort in dietary supplements to enhance your overall well-being. This natural herb has been celebrated for its medicinal benefits for centuries, and recent research has confirmed its effectiveness in treating mild to moderate depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Additionally, it has been known to aid in reducing inflammation and improving cognitive function. This article will present five supplements and provide St John’s Wort reviews, helping you to make an informed decision.

Recently, there has been an increase in the awareness of mental health conditions and ailments that impact individuals nationwide. One of the most experienced mental health issues is depression.

According to the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, approximately 17.3 million Americans struggle with depression daily. For some, medications and therapy options are readily available. Others, however, may not have access to those treatments or may prefer a more holistic approach. St John’s Wort is an herbal remedy that’s said to help alleviate symptoms of depression and improve mental health in many individuals. This article briefly overviews St John’s Wort and reviews the top 5 supplements.

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Boost Your Mood and Mind: The Top 5 St John’s Wort Reviews is an original (NootropicsPlanet) article.

St John’s Wort reviews:


St John’s Wort is a plant with yellow flowers commonly found in bloom in mid to late June. The name is said to be associated with the birthdate of John the Baptist, and the term “Wort” is an old English term for the plant. Cognitive mood and health are the primary uses of St John’s Wort.

St John’s Wort was used as an herbal remedy for problems such as intestinal worms, as a diuretic, used to treat wounds, and commonly used for menstrual problems. You can consume St John’s Wort in many ways, including tea, capsule, tablet, or tincture. Though not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, the standardized dosage of St John’s Wort is about 300mg with thresholds of 200mg for effectiveness and a higher dosage threshold of up to 1500 mg per day for users with more severe symptoms.

St John’s Wort reviews:


With numerous brands and options for supplement type and dosage frequency, in addition to price and quality, choosing the right supplement means more than selecting one randomly from an online results list or simply grabbing what is available at your closest retailer. This review will briefly overview the top five supplements with St John’s Wort based on the percentage of St John’s Wort present, serving size and frequency, and any additional ingredients present.


St John’s Wort reviews:

Nature’s Bounty

A commonly recognized supplement company sold at most major retailers is Nature’s Bounty. Their St John’s Wort supplement is offered in capsule form to be taken orally, with an alternate option to break the capsule open and make tea with the powder. With 300mg per capsule, a single serving size can provide an individual with a threshold dosage for experiencing benefits. For individuals who need a larger dosage, you can take this supplement up to three times per day for a total daily dosage of 900mg. However, the supplement fails to provide any additional ingredients to boost or support the effects of St John’s Wort.

St John’s Wort reviews:


Another famous supplement supplier is Swanson. Swanson offers its St John’s Wort supplement in either 60-capsule or 120-capsule bottles. Swanson’s St John’s Wort contains a surprising 375mg of the herb in every capsule serving as a retailer preferred for the lowered cost of their products. Swanson lists gelatin and plant fiber cellulose as inactive ingredients for the capsule casing. Aside from those, no added ingredients boost or support the benefits of St John’s Wort.


St John’s Wort reviews:

Mountain Rose Herbs

For those individuals who take to the internet for their shopping needs, Mountain Rose Herbs is a top search result for St John’s Wort supplements. Offering both tincture and capsule forms of the supplement, Mountain Rose Herbs provides potential customers with an option in the supplement form.

Their capsule St John’s Wort supplement comes in a 100-capsule bottle; however, there are no suggestions on serving size or frequency on their website or packaging. A single capsule reported has 461mg of St John’s Wort. However, with little information provided, consumers are unaware of any additional ingredients or additives that might be present in the supplement.

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Boost Your Mood and Mind: The Top 5 St John’s Wort Reviews is the (NootropicsPlanet) report.

Dry rose petals.

St John’s Wort reviews:

Happy Healthy Hippie Co.

Happy Healthy Hippie Co. is another supplier that provides users with a supplemental blend that includes St John’s Wort. Their Joy-Filled supplement blend includes 200mg of St John’s Wort and gotu kola, Rhodiola, ashwagandha, lemon balm extract, ginkgo leaf, and eleuthero root. Joy-Filled’sbenefits include relief from anxiety and worry with a calming effect on mood in just a two-capsule serving. However, with only 200mg of St John’s Wort, some users may prefer a supplement with a more robust presence of the beneficial herb.


St John’s Wort reviews:

Boomer Forever Young

Not all supplement companies are the same, and no others can compare to the products found at Boomer Forever Young. With a background in science and nutrition, founder Bob Gilpatrick takes the quality and effectiveness of the products offered to the highest degree. He states, “To this day, I still attend training on the innovations that are coming out in the world of nutrition and also in stress management and psychotherapy.

” Staying on top of research and innovations in the industry is just one of the many ways that Boomer Forever Young provides its customers with the highest quality products. Their Clarity Focus supplement is a premiere supplement that includes 250mg of St John’s Wort along with Bacopa monnieri, phosphatidylserine, ginkgo extract, and l-glutamine to provide comprehensive cognitive support designed to boost mood and provide a calming sensation for users. Clarity Focus dosage is a one-pill serving, one to two times per day, depending on needs.

St John’s Wort reviews:

Final thoughts

Depression can be challenging to live with. Seeking medical treatment through a physician is always the recommended option for care; however, supplements may be appropriate to help manage symptoms. St John’s Wort is an herbal remedy used for centuries to help treat depression. Selecting a supplement with high-quality ingredients is vital if you include St John’s Wort in your nutritional program.

For further reading:

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Important Note: The information contained in this article (Boost Your Mood and Mind: The Top 5 St John’s Wort Reviews) is for general informational purposes only, and should not be construed as health or medical advice, nor is it intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease or health condition. Before embarking on any diet, fitness regimen, or program of nutritional supplementation, it is advisable to consult your healthcare professional in order to determine its safety and probable efficacy in terms of your individual state of health.

Regarding Nutritional Supplements Or Other Non-Prescription Health Products: If any nutritional supplements or other non-prescription health products are mentioned in the foregoing article, any claims or statements made about them have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and such nutritional supplements or other health products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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