A Working Definition

Definitions of exactly what nootropics are, and about what constitutes a nootropic vary greatly and have been subject to some change with time. A useful (albeit slightly nebulous) categorical definition of nootropics follows for Nootropic Planet’s readers’ use:

Nootropics are any psychoactive substances that may boost cognitive functioning, attention, intelligence, or memory, or are neuroprotective. In general, nootropics fall into three general categories: dietary supplements, synthetic compounds, and prescription drugs

There has always been, and there continues to be an element of controversy surrounding the use of nootropics; in particular, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Medical Association (AMA) tend to regard any non-prescription nootropics with considerable skepticism and negativity.

Authoritative Sources And Resources

As of the date of this writing, accurate and comprehensive information about nootropic supplements is difficult to find, with most of what is available being supplied by the sellers of nootropic products themselves. Having noted this, following are links to some sources and resources which might be helpful, although several of them have an involvement in the sale of their own nootropic products. Please be respectfully advised that Nootropics Planet and Nootropics Planet Corporation do not endorse any of these sites or publications, and we do not make any representations or offer any assurances regarding their accuracy or adequacy:





Lists Of Nootropics

The links which follow lead to some lists of nootropics, although the exact parameters of which substances qualify as nootropics vary from list to list and from website to website. Notwithstanding the differences in qualifying criteria, we believe that it is better to review a greater amount of information than to restrict your exploration to a lesser number of sources:





Experimentation: A Friendly Note

Nootropics have different effects upon different individuals, and the experimenter must conduct adequate research with respect to the various potential side effects, drug and supplement interactions, and contraindications associated with any nootropic before venturing forth. It is also advisable to use the very smallest effective dose, when “auditioning” a nootropic supplement or drug. The experimenter is advised to seek the counsel of an appropriately-qualified healthcare professional or medical practitioner prior to embarking on any exploratory nootropic journey. While most over-the-counter available nootropics are well-tolerated by most individuals, some of these may have negative effects on the health of certain of us due to our having certain health conditions and sensitivities, and due to issues with dosing. Lastly, while most nootropics are legal to possess and use, check very carefully to determine the legality of any nootropic with respect to the laws of your jurisdiction.