What We Provide

Nootropics Planet, which is an international publication of Nootropics Planet Corporation, is a continuously-updated source of news and topical articles about virtually every important aspect of nootropics, as well as a general resource and repository of current information about important topics related to natural and synthetic nootropics.

Our Mission

Our mission, at Nootropics Planet, is to provide interested readers worldwide with fact-checked, highly-detailed informational content regarding nootropics.

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Our Vision

Our vision, at Nootropics Planet, is to become the world’s epicenter and go-to authoritative resource for all persons interested in nootropics.

Who Reads Us

Nootropic Planet readers are generally college-educated individuals, scientists, researchers, and healthcare professionals with a personal or career-related interest in nootropics.

Our Publication Process

At Nootropics Planet, we are fed content daily by all of the major news outlets as well as by an extensive staff of researchers, in-house writers, and contributing freelance journalists. All material is fact-checked, qualified as appropriate, reviewed by our Editing Department, and then put to press by our Publishing and Operations Departments. Published material is reviewed at regular intervals as new information becomes available, and announced revisions and article updates are published in order to keep our content current and our readers well-informed.