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In this article, we review and compare Douglas Labs’ popular Neurotransmitter Balance supplement with MyPEAK’s highly-rated Brilliance supplement.

Nootropics can be defined as natural or synthetic substances that improve mental skills.  Also known as ‘smart drugs,’ these products have gained popularity in recent years for their capacity to enhance focus, cognition, energy, and even mood.  From the boardroom to the gym, high achievers have been reaching for nootropic supplements in the hopes of gaining a performance edge. 

Often, these products deliver the desired results, and enhancing your brain function may be a matter of finding the right supplement to fit your individual needs.  Some nootropic products, like Douglas Labs’ Neurotransmitter Balance supplement, are tailored to improve mood and create a sense of well-being.  (After all, a depressed mood is often associated with deficits in motivation and cognition.) 

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We’ll compare Neurotransmitter Balance with MyPEAK’s Brilliance, another leading nootropic product, and we’ll provide you with the information you need to make a sound purchase decision.

Neurotransmitter Balance Supplement vs Brilliance is an original (NootropicsPlanet) article.

Neurotransmitter Balance Supplement vs Brilliance:


Neurotransmitter Balance contains a list of ingredients that boost two mood-enhancing neurotransmitters: dopamine and serotonin.  L-tyrosine boosts dopamine, adrenaline, and noradrenaline and may improve memory and performance under stress.  Mucuna pruriens, also called ‘velvet bean,’ is a natural source of L-dopa, which is known to increase dopamine levels in the brain. S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe) boosts serotonin and dopamine, while 5-HTP reliably increases serotonin levels in the brain.

Mucuna pruriens and velvet beans

Neurotransmitter Balance supplement also contains Venetron, a unique ingredient derived from Rafuma leaf extract that promises a ‘safer’ alternative to St. John’s Wort.  Evidence shows that Venetron works through the GABA system to promote a sense of well-being, calm, and a restful sleep.  This ingredient is thought to achieve its anti-anxiety effects primarily through its flavonoid content.  Overall, the ingredients in Neurotransmitter Balance work together within a common mechanism of action: boosting feel-good neurotransmitters.   

In contrast, Brilliance approaches cognitive, energy, and mood enhancement from a variety of different angles.  First, this supplement contains Cognizin citicoline, a highly bioavailable form of choline, which is a popular focus-enhancing ingredient. Brilliance boosts energy with Teacrine, a natural caffeine alternative that promises to deliver for a full eight hours without the crash so commonly associated with common stimulants.  Brilliance shows its versatility as a focus enhancer and a viable pre-workout energy booster.   

Other active ingredients in Brilliance include: Rhodiola Rosea, Ginkgo biloba, Huperzine A, and B vitamins.  These ingredients combine to fight fatigue and stress, boost memory, increase blood flow to the brain, and improve mood. Rhodiola Rosea has some mood-boosting properties, but most notably, the inclusion of methylfolate, the active form of vitamin B9, gives Brilliance its greatest mood-boosting advantage.  Vitamin B9 is essential to the production of norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine, and deficiency of this important nutrient has been associated with depressed mood.

Ginkgo biloba supplements with its green leaves Neurotransmitter Balance

Neurotransmitter Balance Supplement vs Brilliance:


Neurotransmitter Balance comes at a relatively high price point, at $54.90 for a one-month supply.  There does not appear to be a discounted subscription option for this product.  MyPEAK’s Brilliance offers a one-month supply for the much more reasonable price of $38.00.  Furthermore, Brilliance comes with a 7.5% discount if you choose the subscription option when you order.  Overall, Brilliance offers much greater value for your money as an all-around energy, focus, and mood booster.

Neurotransmitter Balance Supplement vs Brilliance:


Neurotransmitter Balance displays only 21 customer ratings on  This product comes with somewhat mixed reviews, but most positive reviews state benefits such as reduced anxiety, better sleep, and balanced moods.  MyPEAK’s Brilliance boasts 32 customer ratings on Amazon, with many customers praising its effectiveness as an energy booster and cognitive enhancer.  One happy reviewer sums it up: “It’s one that does what it claims to do.”

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Neurotransmitter Balance Supplement vs Brilliance is (NootropicsPlanet) report.

Neurotransmitter Balance Supplement vs Brilliance:

Warnings and precautions

While MyPEAK’s Brilliance has an overall positive safety profile, Neurotransmitter Balance comes with several product warnings.  Douglas Labs’ product is not to be taken by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Furthermore, there is serious concern for the safety of Neurotransmitter Balance if consumed by people with bipolar disorder or people who are already taking antidepressants, antipsychotics, or drugs used to treat Parkinson’s disease.

Excess serotonin poses a risk of serotonin syndrome, a condition marked by symptoms like shivering and diarrhea, or even muscle rigidity, fever, and seizures.  Excess dopamine poses dangers such as problems with aggression, impulse control, or even psychosis. 

While some customers claim to have benefited from Neurotransmitter Balance, this product should be consumed only with caution and consideration of these risks.  

human nerve cells

Neurotransmitter Balance Supplement vs Brilliance:

The verdict

In the final analysis, Douglas Labs’ Neurotransmitter Balance falls behind other nootropic products due to its high price point and significant product warnings.  While some customers may benefit from this product with an improved mood or more restful sleep, the risks appear to outweigh the potential benefits.  Consumers should beware the potential risks associated with increasing dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain. 

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If you’re looking for an all-around energy, cognition, and mood enhancer, MyPEAK’s Brilliance is our top choice.  This product promotes brain power and energy from a variety of different angles, delivering multiple nootropic benefits for a very reasonable price.  Furthermore, the mood-boosting properties of Brilliance come primarily from its healthy vitamin B9 content, which is a much safer way to promote healthy neurotransmitter levels. 

human mind neuronal synapse

Whether you’re hoping to achieve top results in the boardroom or power through a grueling workout at the gym, this top-quality nootropic product promises to deliver results.  Remember to research any product you may be considering, and choose the one that promises benefits tailored to your individual needs. Whatever supplement you choose, the growing nootropics market offers plenty of options to grant you the extra edge you’ve been looking for.

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