5 Great Health Benefits of ElevATP: From Increased Energy to Better Brain Function…


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ElevATP is a patented combination of ancient peat and apple extract that has been shown to deliver a range of potential benefits, including increased energy, enhanced exercise performance, and improved cognitive function. We’ll discuss five health benefits of this powerhouse supplement ingredient and recommend one of the best wellness brands on the market.

Being physically fit requires not only discipline and commitment, but it also requires an understanding of how the body’s systems work. While cardio fitness is a commonly discussed aspect of physical wellness, the structure and performance of the body’s muscle system is an element of physical health that only some consider.

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For those lifting heavy weights to improve their appearance and abilities, like bodybuilders and competitive athletes, methods for improving muscle performance are often critical. All athletes can experience a stall in muscle strength progression or muscle hypertrophy, despite adherence to a carefully calculated diet and exercise plan. In these instances, natural supplements that aid performance, such as ElevATP, may be used to break through to a higher level.

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ElevATP is a combination ingredient that derives from two sources; ancient peat and apple extract. Ancient peat is a sedimentary material that comes from fossilized plant materials. The bio-inorganic plant material contains trace minerals that, when combined with the apple extract, rich in polyphenols, contribute to the increased production of Adenosine-5′-triphosphate, or ATP. The body naturally produces ATP on some level; however, research studies have demonstrated that consumption of ElevATP encourages this natural production level to increase significantly.


ATP functions

ATP is one of the body’s energy sources, but more specifically, it is the primary cellular energy source that aids in muscle performance and recovery. It also aids in the synthesis of protein within the body. Where carbohydrates and fat provide energy sources for physical movement and activity, ATP functions on a smaller level, providing the required power for muscle contractions and other cellular processes. The body produces ATP naturally through cellular respiration, which occurs during the conversion of glucose to energy.


ATP supplements

Nutrition and wellness stores are full of various supplements and herbal blends that claim to provide additional ATP directly to the body or increase the production of ATP due to exogenous means. While there are multiple claims with research results showing positive benefits for using such supplements, currently, only a few studies exist regarding the impact of exogenous supplementation of ATP or ATP production. Those studies examined individual aspects of the effects of ATP supplementation. 


Five benefits of ElevATP

Supplements are an excellent way to encourage healthy nutrition and minerals for an individual who otherwise cannot meet the recommended intake of nutrients through food and beverage consumption. In addition, for bodybuilders, serious athletes, and those looking to improve their overall performance and recovery statistics in the gym, ElevATP can be a promising option to consider for muscle performance and recovery. Though the supplement provides numerous benefits, current study results support these five areas.

  • Naturally stimulates ATP production – ElevATP is the only supplement studied to have demonstrated significant positive effects on the natural production of ATP within the body.
  • Increase energy – As ATP production is a byproduct of glucose processing, sustainable levels of ATP in the body help to provide a more consistent source of energy for the cells and, thus, the remaining body systems. ElevATP has demonstrated a considerable effect on the production of ATP, resulting in increased energy in the user.
  • Increase exercise power – Regular consumption of ElevATP has affected the individual’s muscle power. In some cases, individuals were able to increase weight amounts and showed longer endurance when taking the supplement.
  • Enhance exercise performance – ATP, as the primary source of cellular energy, contributes to how well the muscles can perform without strain or stress. Studies have shown that for individuals who typically do not work out, even a single dose of ElevATP improves their athletic abilities and endurance.
  • Improve muscle recovery – Extreme muscle strain can leave the muscles feeling sore or painful while the body works to repair torn muscle fibers. ATP helps to fuel the body as it creates stronger muscle fibers. Studies have demonstrated that when combined with a caffeine supplement, there are substantial improvements in the recovery time for those taking supplements with ElevATP.


MyPeak Wellness

Assessing which supplement company to choose from can be challenging. myPEAK offers various products to enhance and improve your wellness, health, and performance. Unlike many supplement companies, “all of our products are plant-based and vegan” is a statement proudly made by the brand. Purity is just one of the company’s five principles of operation which include hormesis, synergy, bioavailability, and sustainability. Founded by physicians, myPEAK manufactures products at an FDA-registered facility. myPEAK Wellness supplement features their signature myPEAK-9 Elite Performance blend, containing 175mg of ElevATP. MyPEAK’s Wellness is a premiere ElevATP product for improving muscle performance and recovery.


Final thoughts

Deciding whether or not to use supplements is a personal matter that requires careful consideration of your medical history and consultation with your doctors. Although not all supplements are suitable for every person, identifying the traits of top-notch supplements can assist in choosing the appropriate one for your requirements. For example, to encourage healthy ATP production within the body, supplements that contain ElevATP are typically considered a good source for a supplement to improve muscle performance and recovery. Other characteristics include those with high-quality, plant-based ingredients or those considered vegan.

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Important Note: The information contained in this article is for general informational purposes only, and should not be construed as health or medical advice, nor is it intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease or health condition. Before embarking on any diet, fitness regimen, or program of nutritional supplementation, it is advisable to consult your healthcare professional in order to determine its safety and probable efficacy in terms of your individual state of health.

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